samedi 12 juillet 2008

Facebook app marketing done right

Am breaking into my holiday break with a quick link to a happy discovery : a Facebook app that actually understands the importance of proper marketing.

Too many Facebook application developers expect you to add their app just because your friends are doing it. They're relying 100% on the power of influencers.

For those of us who think for ourselves, it's nice to see a Facebook app that actually gives us a taste of what we're in for, before we sign our lives (ie. privacy) away.

Check out MouseHunt. Succinct summary, discussion board, teaser video. Finally. Someone who knows how to speak to me.

Bravo, HitGrab. Now excuse me. I'm off to hunt for mice.

1 commentaire:

Jerome Paradis a dit...

I totally agree.
MouseHunt is a good game and it's marketing is top notch.
I saw the developers presentation's at FacebookCampToronto 4 and I really liked what I heard.
When I went to try it out, the application's page gave me confidence to go and try it out.
I do not regret doing so. Even if I'm quite addicted.