mardi 17 juillet 2007

Growing community

As pleased as I was to be mentioned by Terry Fallis on InsidePR, the fantastic podcast he hosts with David Jones (Inside PR #65 - Tuesday, June 26, 2007), I was quick to update him on a tidbit of information I'd shared with him at PAB2007 the weekend of June 22nd. By the time that weekend had rolled around, our community of 3 Quebec PR bloggers (Pierre Bouchard, Marc Snyder and myself) had actually grown to 4, with the discreet launch of Massy-Forget's agency blog mid-June.

A few months ago, Marc had done a survey of Montreal agencies. This was back around the same time I'd done my informal survey about blogger usage by PR consultants in Quebec. We'd both come to the conclusion that the space was still largely unused.

Since then, young PR professionals of the SQPRP launched a Facebook group under the association's brand and awareness about the power of social media appears to be growing.

I have the distinct feeling that everything will start to grow exponentially in the fall. Stay tuned, as the SQPRP is still (as far as I know) set to host the series on social media I'd begun to organise back when I was still sitting on the association's professional development committee.

So congratulations to Massy-Forget. And welcome to the Eminence Grise blogroll.

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Anonyme a dit...

Merci pour ce billet. J'espère que le blogue de Massy-Forget satisfera les attentes de la blogosphère.