mardi 6 mai 2008

Podsafe Anji Bee and

Anji has got a very nice Brazillian podsafe music selection online since March.

Unfortunately, my brain just can't seem to turn off lately, so while listening I kept reading and stumbled on a little gem in one of Anji's posts. She mentions that Adam Curry turned her on to, which, among other things, allows podcasters to swap promos.

Maybe someone at PAB will explore this a little and let us know what's up. Meanwhile, here's a piece from Techcrunch, which leads us to an even cooler app called Voice :
Every drop page has a phone number and extension associated with it. Call the number, dial the extension and record an unlimited length voice message (subject only to the overall 100 MB file size limitation). The file will appear momentarily as a MP3 file on the drop page.
How practical is all of this? How useful is it to be on drop? If anyone out there is using, let me know what you think.

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