jeudi 22 février 2007

Upcoming social media events

Well it turns out that Technorati is a very useful tool. Curious to find out who is reading my brother's blog (he shall remain anonymous as he sometimes relishes in telling childhood stories about me out of school), I stumbled upon a blog belonging to one of his friends (or online-friends, I'm not sure which - he's drawing them in from Japan as we speak).

This blog, written by a podcaster and/or podcast enthusiast, led me to discover two interesting events:

Podcasters across borders 2007 (Kingston Ont, June 22nd to 24th - look for program details as of Feb 26th)

Public Media Conference 2007 (Currently being held -- yes, as we speak -- in Boston)

I love Boston. Sorry I didn't hear about that event earlier.

Does anyone know of a one-stop-shopping site that lists all upcoming social media events along the Quebec City-Windsor corridor and the Eastern US? Found something for podcasts here.

Hmm .. I wonder what Kingston is like in June?

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