samedi 15 septembre 2007

Praise for Praized

Fanastic news for Praized, a young Montreal start-up run by YULBiz-er and YULBlog-ger Sylvain Carle and his colleagues : funding has arrived, in the form of Garage Technology Ventures. Sylvain had slipped a word in about this imminent announcement at last week's Geek Dinner. It's an exciting time.

Praized Media is a startup company working on a web-based application that will enable you to find and discover local places and merchants with help from people you can trust. It's also a tool that will structure local conversations within blogs and a new platform for local search providers to generate leads from the untapped social media market.

And why not? A little francophone media coverage here and here.

I'll be following Praized closely.

Félicitations, Sylvain! C'est bien mérité.

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