dimanche 9 mars 2008

Inside PR : Slightly battered knight at the roundtable

Am listening to a recording of tonight's InsidePR roundtable discussion (check iTunes this Tuesday).

Unbelievable. In an oblique reference to the Lacy-interview-Twitter-propagated-'scandal' at SXSW, I called Facebook's CEO -- ZuckerMAN! Ugh. I make this slip up all the time, though usually only in my mind and not live on Canada's top PR podcast.

Once I stop flagellating myself over this, I'll be able to say that I really enjoyed this chat with Terry, Dave and Keith McArthur of Veritas Communications' com.motion on the pitfalls and opportunities that are an integral part of media relations.

Note to self : in English, 'complicity' doesn't have quite the same meaning as in French -- at least not in normal usage. In fact, the word has much more sordid nuance in English than what I intended, which was:

1656, from Fr. complicité, from M.Fr., from O.Fr. complice "accomplice," from L.L. complicem, acc. of complex "partner, confederate," from L. complicare "to fold together"

But as I say to my clients in media relations training, there's no such thing as a Do-Over. Thankfully, my other comments should make more sense to listeners whose brains don't work as bilingually as mine does.

Maybe Terry *does* need to bring back Inside Proper English ...

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit...

I listened to the podcast and I find you were tres désinvolte, congrats! George Motoc.

Michelle Sullivan a dit...

Ah George - always supportive :) Thanks very much!

Terry Fallis a dit...

Hey Michelle,

I thought you did a great job last week. Thanks for joining us. We'll do it again sometime. "Complicity" worked fine!