dimanche 24 février 2008

Podcamp Toronto : ooVoo

Mitch Joel conferenced in to this ooVoo event using ... well .. ooVoo.

We tried to conference in a couple of other people, from Finland, Nashville and elsewhere, but there were some technical problems that, at times, made it sound like the speakers were underwater. For some reason, the video wasn't always available, so ooVoo simply posted the user's profile photo.

What does a service like ooVoo mean to things like personal brands? Mitch Joel shares that he has embraced the fact that he is a media channel. He tries to be respectful of 'the relationship' and tries to keep it engaging and compelling. Mitch Canter talks about how this technology makes the world smaller and grants us access to people we'd never reach otherwise. He notes that his network has literally exploded. 'Pistachio' talks her initial wariness to Twitter, leading her to choose a pseudonym. She notes that her pistachio brand also seems to be quite memorable. Seismic taught her about the value of casual, off the cuff video that has immediacy.

It's too bad the technology wasn't totally on, because the conversation was definitely interesting. Time to brush up my under-water interpretation skills.

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Michelle Sullivan a dit...

ed's note: I eventually ducked out of the session. The audio problems during this last session of Podcamp were too taxing on my brain, already buzzing from all the info I'd gathered throughout the weekend. I inquired, though, and apparently the audio remained iffy, attributed at least partially if not wholly to the fact that the laptop, though hardwired, was actually on the wonky wifi.

Connie a dit...

Hi Michelle:

Thanks for joining us, at least for part of the session. We were disappointed it was not better on our end. Apparently the panel members participating via ooVoo found it fine on their ends. See Andrea Vascellari's write-up: http://www.andreavascellari.com/blog/?p=355

Regardless, it was an interesting experiment.

It was great to meet you.